Conrad Kleinespel

Resume of a passionate entrepreneur and software engineering student

About me

After 5 years of self-taught programming and 2 years of Computer Science & Mathematics at University, I join software engineering school 42 in Paris in November 2013. I start applying the theory and get hands on experience on exciting projects.

In 2015, I try to start a startup and fail. I then start to work as a freelance software architect. In July, I intern at Scality to learn more about large scale software defined storage.

In my spare time, I blog, spend time with my family or go for a run.


Work experience


Native fluency in French & German.

Oral and written fluency in English.

Basics in Spanish.



A better way for human ressources to test developer abilities and a simpler way for software engineers to improve.

Peevee password manager

Helps you keep all of your passwords safe. It is built using the Rust programming language.

Web framework for NodeJS

Simple promise ORM, Connect compatible routing, DI and built-in CSRF protection.

More available upon request or on Github.


Facebook / LWB event, 3rd place

Our 6-person team worked on a new way to learn code. The judges from Facebook & Libraries Without Borders voted us up on the podium, at the 3rd place.



I have been playing tennis for 18 years - started at age 4 -, I have played hockey for 5 years and I like to run.


I started playing guitar 10 years ago. My favorite artists include Tommy Emmanuel and Stevie Ray Vaughn.


I have been to the USA - Los Angeles, San Francisco and Las Vegas -, Greece, England and Spain. I've lived in Germany for about 8 years.


I like the reading all sorts of blogs. Occasionnally, I write too. Everything is available at here.