Conrad Kleinespel

Resume of a passionate CS student from school 42, Paris.

About me

A year ago, I decided to drop out of University and board the exciting boat of school 42. I started really living my passion by applying theory I had only learnt on paper.

My ambition is to create amazing things, innovate and positively impact the world through my work.


Work experience


Native languages: French & German.

Oral and written fluency in English.

Basics in Spanish.


HTML 5 Super Mario clone

Built in a group of 4, using the V-Model project management system.

Website for a German guesthouse

Responsive website, PHP contact form & Apache caching.

Web framework for NodeJS

Simple promise ORM, Connect compatible routing, DI and built-in CSRF protection.

More available upon request or on Github.


Facebook / LWB event, 3rd place

Our team of 6 students from School 42, the Innovation and Transformation Master from School Centrale and Art School Conde worked on a new way to learn code. The judges from Facebook, Libraries Without Borders and our schools voted us up on the podium, at the 3rd place.



I have been playing tennis for 17 years - started at age 4 -, I have played hockey for 5 years and I like to run


I started playing guitar 8 years ago. My favorite artists include Tommy Emmanuel and Stevie Ray Vaughn.


I have been to the USA - Los Angeles, San Francisco and Las Vegas -, Greece, England and Spain. I've lived in Germany for about 8 years. Currently living in France.