Conrad smiling

Hi, I'm Conrad. I work at Réassurez-moi. I studied mathematics & computer science for 2 years. I now study software engineering at school 42. I make Rooster, a simple password manager for geeks. Sometimes, I record guitar videos. I'm working on my next big thing.

See some of my recent work

Some of my recent work


A simple password manager for geeks. Open source. Rust. Logo design with Inkscape. AES encryption. Responsive landing page. Twitter and Facebook image integration.


Website relaunch. SCRUM development with 5 other teams. Front-end with JS, HTML, SASS and Grunt. Cross-browser & responsive. Back-end with PHP, Go and Bash.


Performance improvements, saved 2 seconds load time. Removal of jQuery went from 139Kb to 45Kb of code. Deployments with Ansible. Monitoring with New Relic.


Attempt to launch a company in programmer recruitment. Back-end development with Symfony 2. Email notifications. Discover startup community in Paris.

IV7 Direct

Freelance contract. Marketing website. Built on Drupal 7. Graphic design. HTML & CSS for theming. Configuration & deployment on client's hosting provider.


Freelance contract. Consisted in back-end PDF generation, Word (.doc, .docx) file imports, design tweaks in CSS & HTML, and Apache server configuration changes.


Freelance contract. Showcase website for a German hotel. Responsive design, Google Maps, booking form, caching configuration, photo gallery with lightbox.